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- Season 9 Episode 14 -

The One With The Blind Dates

Friends Episode list image Friends season 9 episode 14

Season 9, Episode 14

As they think Ross and Rachel should get back together with Emma, Joey and Phoebe, when asked to fix them up with blind dates, plan to make those so horrible they'll end up back with each other. Phoebe does a great job: Steve is so unattractive he even makes himself cry; Joey found his own nightmare woman, a history teacher, not realizing she risks looking ideal to Ross; but she stands Ross up, making him the object of bets by the waiters on how long he will wait before leaving. Chandler and Monica agree to babysit Emma, but with him being bored without a job and she ...

Year started: 1994
IMDB rating: 9
Creators: Marta Kauffman  David Crane 
Categories: Comedy
Stars: Jennifer Aniston  Courteney Cox  Lisa Kudrow  Matt LeBlanc  Matthew Perry  David Schwimmer 

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